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This app records the screen into QuickTime video during sketch drawing also recording parallel audio track from the microphone. No worries anymore about missing information when taking notes in classes just draw what is necessary and the rest is going to be captured by audio track. No more tremendous amount of time spent when trying to put all information on sketch just draw essential and talk details while you are drawing. Video capture perfectly synchronizes your drawing process and audio input. The app is a perfect tool for recording classes or meetings, making personal notes, creating video presentations, etc. Main Features FULL ING. The whole screen is available for sketching. No interface element poppedup on top of the drawing area gets recorded on video (for example, when settings screen was called and poppedup in the middle of the recording). ZOOMIN The app provides standard 1x screensize drawing mode as well as magnified 2x ZoomIn mode with Panning function. Background color can be changed for the drawing. Settings for pen color and pen thickness are also available. Color selection can be made using color wheel or palette of the predefined colors. Eraser is available to remove parts of the drawing. "Clear Drawing" function is provided to erase the whole drawing. S. Drawings are automatically saved and can be reused to repeatedly produce videos. Drawings and videos are independent deletion of the drawing does not cause removal of any related video generated from that drawing. /VISUL Recording function in the app is highly optimized producing approximately 400500 Kb of audio/visual recording per minute without loss of quality. The app indicates video file size, video duration and start time of recording for each recorded video. video can be replayed right in the app. S. The app provides extensive list of options for exporting recorded videos Email, Dropbox, UNIVERSL IPD/IPHONE PP. The app is designed for iPad as well as for iPhone.


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