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This app can help your child improve his/her reading skills. It does that by easily showing and speaking all 315 Dolch Words. Dolch Words or "Sight Words" are the highfrequency English language words that most schools expect children to learn by sight by first grade. ll 315 Dolch words are presented in nine convenient flashcard decks Preprimer, Primer, First grade, Second grade, Third grade, Nouns, Dictionary, Flagged Words & Shuffle. You can learn more about each word by touching the 'dictionary' symbol on the card. Each flashcard shows one word in big bold beautiful letters with a rounded, friendly font. Just swipe to go to the next card. nd just touch the card to hear the word. PROFESSIONY Each card comes with studio recorded broadcast quality ageappropriate voice of an experienced professional voice talent. Just touch the flag at the top of each card to flag a word that you want to practice more. ll flagged words appear in the "Flagged Words" deck. If you choose, you can easily add your voice to any card and say it your way. You can remove your voice at any time and the included voice will then speak the card. This app already incorporates learnings from our experience in developing educational apps for children and the feedback we have received from our customers Colors & graphics emphasize the word Track progress via card numbers & deck name Resume where you left off on each deck Dictionary 'deck' for all 315 words Shuffle 'deck' to test yourself nnounce word on showing a card Musical chime when you go to next word Turn sounds on / off Option to clear Flagged words list See dictionary description of the word note about iPod touch Kindly note that iPod touch does not have a builtin microphone. Please attach a compatible microphone to use the "recording" feature of this app. BOUT SI SERVICES Sai Services is a venture started by a parent and a daycare provider to help educate and entertain children. Kindly search “Sai Services” on the pp Store to find all our apps. & SUGGESTIONS Since the launch of our first app in pril 2009, we have regularly launched new high quality apps and have updated our apps with customer feedback. We very much appreciate your input. Kindly send your comments to . Thank you.



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