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The goal in this exciting and challenging solitaire variation is to build up, by suit, card piles from Ace to King and King to Ace. You play with two full card decks in this game, so to build the card piles, you will use a total of eight slots. These slots are located in a row at the top of the screen, and have a slightly faded appearance. Below these slots is the playing field, in which you can move the cards around and build up long strings of cards by suit, in both up and down directions. Empty columns in the playing area can be filled with any card. At the bottom of the screen is a row of reserve piles. Click the “deal” button to add more cards to the reserve piles. The final deal of each game is dealt to the playing field instead of onto the reserve piles. Cards can be moved to the build piles from either the playing area or the reserve area, and they can also be moved between the build piles and from the build piles to the playing area. In this version of solitaire, you can only move one card at a time. To put cards into the build piles, you can either double click or draganddrop. All other card movement is by draganddrop. Features include drag and drop cards undo button (only the last card moved) a display showing game stats number of games won, lost and the current and longest winning streak a display showing game instructions a button to reset game stats game state will be saved in the event you are interrupted no interference with iPhone or iPod audio Flambeau Valley Software is committed to giving our customers the best possible gaming experience. Please contact us if you have any issues, problems, or suggestions regarding this game.



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