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AirWatch® Tunnel securely connects both internally built and public App Store applications to corporate resources within a secure network. Using iOS 7+ per app capabilities, AirWatch Tunnel allows you to access corporate resources behind the firewall, giving you easy access to what you need to be productive. Only managed applications can establish a connection with corporate resources, ensuring your personal privacy is maintained. Note AirWatch Tunnel works in conjunction with and is managed through configurable system settings within the admin console. AirWatch Tunnel will not operate without the required AirWatch infrastructure. Please contact your administrator before installing AirWatch Tunnel. AirWatch Tunnel Key Features Access to Corporate Resources Enhance your productivity with quick access to corporate resources behind a firewall Use Safari to connect to internal corporate web resources and intranet sites Seamless User Experience Connect to intranet sites, repositories and other corporate resources through managed applications or Safari Maintain personal privacy since only managed apps are able to connect to corporate resources



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