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The most powerful way to view your documents on the go. This app is built for the iPhone and iPod touch (although it will still run in compatibility mode on an iPad). Have an iPad? Check out our new Universal edition, simply called ir haring. "Wish you could copy that new proposal to your iPhone and review it on the plane? Now you can." pple Inc. ir haring makes using the iPhone as an external drive easy as can be. ny iPhone user who needs to view and move files on the go should download this app." ppReview dream come true for mobile workers" Macworld "The closest to a proper file browser you're going to get on a nonjailbroken iPhone" Gizmodo "Most Useful pp" 2008 Best pp Ever wards "Editor's Choice" Magazine pp of the Week" pple Inc. "It's so easy to use" Chicago Tribune "Our favorite file storage app" Gizmodo fantastic file storage app" iPhone lley "Editor's Pick. core 10/10" pp Craver Create a wireless hard disk View documents Many file formats supported Email documents Connect to your computer Mount remote file servers Perform advanced file operations Print documents hare files with other users Mount your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless drive on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer (on the same WiFi network), or connect from any web browser ragdrop files between your computer and ir haring Host a powerful web server with WebV (just like the iisk) No special software required on your computer (except on Windows which requires free Netrive app) ecurity local passcode, remote access password, optional Public folder Text editor for plain text documents Folder popup for jumping back to previously viewed folders dvanced autodetection of textfile character encoding, using linguistic analysis Table of Contents for easy navigation page thumbnails Go To Page Highquality viewing of large images lide show ave images to Photos Bookmarks iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), subject to iPhone compatibility Web rchive (web pages downloaded by afari) web page (even passwordprotected and large documents) dobe Illustrator (saved as Compatible) (Rich Text Format) and (with embedded images) Plain text (many character encodings) ource code (most popular programming and scripting languages), with colorcoded formatting Movies, udio, and Images (standard iPhone formats) Mac just turn on Remote Login Linux enable Windows download free Core desktop app Mac found automatically via Bonjour Google ocs iKeepInCloud toregate ropbox Filesnywhere (Webdvanced),, CloudMe, other WebV servers ecure connection when available View documents directly (automatic local cache) Move, Copy, Paste, Rename, elete, New Folder Zip and Unzip (supports passwordprotected archives) Print (via Mac 10.5+ or Linux with Printer haring) Email attachments ave and Get images to and from Photos ownload from (copy link from afari, paste into ir haring) Requires Mac (10.5+) or Linux with Printer haring Prints most viewable formats No special desktop software required utodetects other users on same WiFi network Connects to ir haring on another device WebV WiFi network, and Mac 10.4+, Windows ( Vista, 7), Linux, or any web browser vatron Print feature Mac 10.5+ or Linux on network Connecting to Windows over Free desktop software (Core ) required Got questions? Please visit We cannot reply in the pp tore.



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