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Adguard Pro takes ad filtering to the next level by eliminating ads in apps! It is not only able to remove annoying ads, but also to protect your privacy and speed up the page loading. Download the most effective and advanced ad blocker for iOS device to block ads, phishing, malware and adult content not only in Safari, but also in other apps through all the system! Highly customizable Adguard Pro will make your web surfing safe, fast and adfree! Don't miss a chance to purchase Pro version at the reduced price! NOTE if you are using Pro version, there is no need to keep regular Adguard app on your device. Adguard Pro is not just a Content Blocker it has much more to offer Ad blocking by In this mode Adguard will block ads, trackers and phishing websites in all apps and browsers, not just in Safari. This will help against intrusive ads interrupting your favorite game or annoying you while you're trying to send messages to your friends. 'Family protection' mode will protect your children from adult content on the web, backed up with excellent ad blocking and protection against malicious websites. Also, safe search will be enforced for your browser. Flexible configuration. You have a favorite website you'd like to support? Request log allows you to easily track all requests and whitelist anything you don't want to be filtered. Ad blocking in Safari. Blocks any kinds of ads; more than 50 (!) various filters are at your service. So say goodbye to annoying stuff like banners, video ads, popups and such. Includes popular adblock filter subscriptions EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Fanboy's Annoyances, Malware Domains. Which means double protection both by these and Adguard own filters. Regional and other filters. Adguard is the first ad blocker that allows you to use languagespecific filters. Which means you can visit websites in different languages they still will be filtered. Blocking of trackers and social widgets. Special filters block all the counters and trackers to protect your privacy and remove excessive social media buttons. Speed acceleration. Adguard removes tons of rubbish from the web. And clean pages open faster, you know. Adguard is an ad blocking software for various platforms. For more than 6 years Adguard helps its users enjoy the Internet the way it should be safe and clean.



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