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cidik is a "wearable" audio visualizer and is best used in complete darkness whilst laying on your back. unique feature of the app is it's ability to be used with your eyes closed and still experience visual stimulus. Headphones recommended. Users looking for a Chromotherapy app will also find cidik of interest (including Light Therapy, Colorology, Color Therapy). Imagine being front row at your own private concert or rave, immersed in light and sound. Or experience deep relaxation whilst floating in a sea of light as you meditate to your favourite music. That's cidik. Words can't really describe the effect, it really is something you have to experience yourself however we have created this video to provide a better idea of what to expect. https// Features & Uses ▪ Meditation ▪ Relaxation ▪ Chromotherapy ▪ Sleep id ▪ Total audio visual music immersion ▪ Use your own song play list ▪ Can also react to ambient audio from your surrounds in realtime. ▪ Selectable color themes ▪ Display on your via pple for an incredible party mode. ▪ Goggles required. Balance your iPhone or iPod Touch resting across your eyes and experience a multicoloured light show that reacts to the beat of your music or ambient sounds from your environment. Several different colour themes are included to suit your mood, or set the theme to cycle mode for greater variety. cidik can even be used with your eyes closed and many users prefer this method compared to eyes open, the warmth and pulsing colours of the visualizer will shine through your closed eyelids providing a uniquely immersive and relaxing experience. Or open your eyes and look deep into the screen for a totally different effect, we like to call it TRNSCENDENTL. cidik does not require any third party goggles. The immersive visual effect works best on larger screens such as iPhone 5 and up and is also compatible with iPad, however due to the size of this device we recommend using the app as a more traditional visualizer, viewed at arms length. Or send the visualization to your big screen via pple and irplay. >>> Note We do not recommend use of the app if you suffer from Epilepsy or photosensitive seizures. <<< The app is not compatible with or cloud stored audio files due to technical limitations. This app contains ads that can be disabled via inapp purchase. If you enjoy using the app and think it's worth a few dollars, we would greatly appreciate your support.



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