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My coolest feature is make a word will read it for you! Classic magnetic letters and numbers, symbols and shapes (voiced in 9 languages + different accents for some languages), and bright toy magnets, some of which shining gently, some making funny sounds or get animated on touch. Fun educational app, great for teaching kids and a creative play, perfect a gift. "Magnetic Board is a great app for both fun and education with lots of features to love. t’s a nicely done digital take on an old classic." by http// love the versatility of the app. Having both a creative and an educational aspect gives this app an edge on usability. Another bonus is the simple, intuitive navigation strip along the bottom that is easily used by younger children. This app is designed to inspire creativity and imagination without the pressure of points, timers or competition. n this digital version of the classic school letters on the refrigerator door, children have access to unlimited play with a wide range of pieces letters, numbers, symbols and shapes each available in various colours + a number of toy magnets representing objects of the real word. n addition, there are numerous backgrounds to choose from, making for endless combinations and hours of fun. Just like magnetic letters of old, children can place the magnetic pieces as they like to create words, pictures and designs. The app can also be used as an educational tool to practice spelling and maths. t definitely has some key features and benefits over its real world counterpart Letters are available in both upper and lower case. Each piece can be used as many times as you wish with no limits which is great for spelling practice as there are no constraints with limited letters. Fill in magnetic pages transform this creative app into a lovely little puzzle app as well. Being able to save pictures to the camera roll means the best masterpieces are easily stored for posterity and future access. The magnets are never lost or under foot! More features 4 alphabets Latin, Cyrillic, Korean (Hangul), Thai; Numbers, common geometric shapes, and common signs (voiced in English (British, Australian), French (French, Canadian), German, Spanish, talian, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Thai); Variations of different pronunciation for English from (British), Australia, South Africa, reland, for French France, Canada; also for Spanish Spain, Mexica; for Portuguese Portugal, Brazil. 3 changeable boards, each of them with 15 changeable backgrounds; 10 sets of colourful toy magnets Summer, Garden, Night, Autumn, Halloween, Snowy Winter, Christmas, Christmas 2013, Spring, Party; 6 magic boards which are fun shape puzzles with a wonderful animated reward; may be used as additional boards. CONTROL Hide sets of magnets in Options; Twolevels menu. Letters and Numbers sound may be Off by default, please find the control in Menu, Language.



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