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Does your child know what a tenor saxophone looks like or what a big band sounds like? This top educational app offers your kids a brand new musical learning experience! pple's Best app for ges 5 & Under Winner of a Gold Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice ward cademics' Choice ward Parents' Choice ward Horizon ward Best pp Ever ward NYTimes apps to acknowledge JZZY DY BND is a fun and interactive story that will teach your child about music instruments. The book features original illustrations and music, as well as sounds from real acoustic instruments. Join the two cute kittens as they visit the Jazz Big Band and meet the animal musicians. Play and put your knowledge to the test. CRETED PROFESSONL EDUCTORS Special Features Easy to use interactive pages designed for little fingers. Original Jazz Big Band music from professional musicians. Read to Me reads and plays the story automatically. Read it Myself allows you to read the story at your own pace. Educational Games "Find the instrument" and "Which instrument sounds like this". Take a picture with the musical kittens and share your photo. This app will teach and inspire your child to start playing a music instrument. The music instruments featured in the book are Bass Drums Guitar Piano Vibraphone Trumpet Trombone lto Saxophone Baritone Saxophone Tenor Saxophone Flute Clarinet Conductor Thanks to all of our supporters! We are honored by the fantastic reviews "This game will lay down the first foundations of musical education and be the first step towards your child wanting to play an instrumentsomething still regret never doing." Wired/Geekmom " winning app. This highly userfriendly primer gives kids both a macro and micro lesson about jazz music." Kirkus Reviews "Superb blend of high quality animation, original music, great storytelling, interactivity, and game playing. BRVO!" iHeart This pp "This melody book is amazing! The kittens are adorable and the music is really great!" Musicians With pps " family that loves music, and feels music is important, will benefit from having Jazzy Day. The story is cute and the games are excellent." pptudes " Jazzy Day is a great app that helps broaden children’s knowledge of instruments and gives them a new appreciation for music." The iPhone Mom PRVCY POLCY We care about your child's privacy. We do not collect personal information or have any ads. Not now, not ever. You can refer to the privacy policy here http//themelodybook.com/privacypolicy/ f you are having issues use this ESY FX http//themelodybook.com/faqjazzy You can always contact us at info@themelodybook.com f you enjoy Jazzy Day, please consider leaving us an pp Store review or rating. They really help and are much appreciated. Thanks! Check out our latest app CTY VEHCLES Cars and Trucks for Kids

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