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Read, listen, watch or sing! Choose the way you'd like to follow the story about a little duck from the prairie who has a big dreammaking it to New York City and doing his ducky dance on Broadway. It turns out to be an adventurous journey that appears bound for failure, until he meets up with a truck driver named Big Betty. She points him in the right direction and gives him that little nudge he needs to tackle the Big Apple. Something to quack about ! Heartwarming funny story about selfesteem and following your dreams Stunning illustrations and sophisticatedanimation Superb musical performance and captivating narration Exceptional recording quality Highly readable, engaging experience andageappropriate Beautifully designed with quick and easynavigation Just ducky five features means five ways to enjoy the story. Read the story Listen to the narrated story Watch an animated version of the story Listen to the theme song Sing the theme song in karaoke The app Duck in New York City" is based on the critically acclaimed Parents' Choice Gold Awardwinning Storybook Music by authorsingersongwriter Connie Kaldor, illustrated by Fil & Julie, and published by The Secret Mountain.

Website: http://www.thesecretmountain.com/


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