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For and Canada. May work in other countries where 911 is used. Very important App to have on your phone. Be sure to gift app to other family members, so they can alert you when in distress at time of a 911 call. When 911 is dialed, texts are sent to loved ones while 911 call is going through. (You input phone numbers of who you want to be receiving texts and location at time of 911 call) Every parent, every husband and wife should have this app. Your 911 button is on your main screen on iphone. Quick, simple and easy. Your diabetic 16 year old son dials 911, you the parent get a text that your son has dialed 911, what time and a location within 100m where he is. Nothing is more important than him, you leave where you are and get there at the same time as paramedics. No phone call hours later that your loved one is in hospital. When emergency crews arrive, there will be a pop up on phone displaying vital information of victim showing allergies and medical condition, eg. Diabetic. This simple pop up will save lives. Sometimes it takes hours for a hospital to contact you that your family member is admitted. Now you know in real time, and can locate the nearest hospital. know if was at work, and got a text that my daughter dialed 911, would be excusing myself from work and going to her location. Endless scenarios. This app could pin point where an abduction took place if 911 was dialed, but call not completed. Family members would have data for Police of where to start search.


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