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As they say, first impression is the last impression. Hence, if the exterior of your home is very pleasant and welcoming, people will be curios to see your interior, and probably ask for some home decorating tips. You spend much of your time in the patio, may be playing with your pets or children, arranging a party in your garden, and many more things. To make these things more interesting, the outer side of your home should be attractive and beautiful. Paint, design, color of the outer walls, and outdoor furniture are some of the factors that decide what your house will look like. Let us discuss these home exterior ideas one by one. Color You need to be very careful while selecting colors for painting the exterior of your house, as they will decide what the house will look like from the outside. You can take a look at the colors of your neighbors' houses and take suggestions from them to know how they selected the color theme. Even a search on the Internet can help you know different types of color combinations that will suit the exterior of your house. Take a look at the surrounding of your house, and come up with a color scheme that will blend well with the outdoor. When it comes to the color scheme, you need to consider the color of all the outdoor elements, including windows, driveway, doors, walls, roof, and many more. See that none of the outdoor elements looks left out due to a color that does not complement other colors. There are plenty of paint schemes for home exterior, and choose the one that fulfills your needs. You should also consider the color of your neighbor's house, as this will also decide the look of your house. Get color pallets or charts from a nearby store, and mix and match different colors. These days, virtual painting makes it easy to decide the colors for exterior as well as the interiors. Choosing the house paint is a very daunting task, and you should always consult an expert before finalizing the colors. Painting There are several factors that need to be decided before painting the exteriors. There are different types of painting techniques for different types of surfaces. Doors and windows will require paints that are different from those required by walls. Many a time, it happens that the paint finishes even when a large portion of a wall is yet to be painted, while sometimes you are left with extra paint. The amount of paint required for painting all the exterior surfaces should also be calculated properly, to make sure that it fits in your budget. If you are remodeling the exterior of your house, then it is necessary that you remove the previous paint properly from all the surfaces. Before starting the painting process, it is necessary that all the surfaces are clean and smooth to make the paint adhere properly. Clean, right brushes and tools should be used for painting the exteriors. Weather affects the painting, hence it should be done in proper temperature. Design Victorian, Colonial, and Traditional designs are popular ideas for home exterior decorating. Victorian style houses are known for their detailed work with a broad array of colors used in them, while Colonial style represents the details of the homes in that era. Exterior designing also includes driveways, doors, windows, patio, and park benches. Choose the door for your house that is of highest quality and will complement the overall look. If you have a driveway, then pave it with the help of pea gravel. If your outdoor is spacious and you have a garden, then you can include park benches.


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