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The easy way to meet up with friends. Send your current location in an email as easily as touching a button. The receiver of the email simply clicks a link that is embedded in the message to track you down (the link will automatically launch the 2me app). If your friends do not have this app installed, they can use the builtin maps application instead. There is even a link that works with a desktop browser. Note Requires a device with functionality. Features Quickly send your current location in an email. Four quick save buttons to mark the position of your car, your hotel, or a place you want to get back to later. Great for business travel and remembering where your car is parked. utomatically launch the app by clicking a link in an email. The app will go into tracking mode directly. Compatible with the builtin map application and also compatible with desktops. realtime updated tracking screen guides you directly to the saved location. special direction arrow tells you which way to turn (does not require a builtin compass but will only update when you are moving).

Website: http://swiftdavid.com/mobile


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